Clutch Repair & Rebuild

When Should You Be Worried About Your Clutch?

Have you noticed your Ford vehicle is slipping out of gear? Does it seem like the clutch gets stuck in place and won’t move to another gear when you want it to? If either of these things is true, you may require clutch repair and/or rebuild services. A Ford clutch repair is something to be taken very seriously, and that is why we make it a top priority here at TSC Ford Specialist to check on this type of repair ASAP.

clutch repair

There are moments when you may have to worry about a Ford clutch rebuild. For example, if you continue to notice a burning smell coming from the vehicle when you drive it around town, this could be a problem. When you accelerate into first gear, you may notice the burning smell coming up. This is often tied to the clutch plate wearing thin, and it may point to the need for the replacement of that clutch plate.

While you wouldn’t necessarily worry quite as much about a burning smell when you are driving in the open interstate or unpopulated areas, you do need to be concerned about it when you are stuck in heavy traffic and notice a major burning smell coming from the vehicle. When that is the case, you are potentially smelling the tell-tell signs of a clutch problem. You should bring it to us at that point so we can take a closer look.

Slipping Gears Is Dangerous

A vehicle that continues to slip various gears is in danger of causing mayhem out on the road for you as well. You never have a situation where your vehicle slips from first gear into second gear on its own. The only time that a vehicle should move from one gear to another is when you intentionally direct it to do so. If that is not the case, then please understand that you are potentially in danger of major clutch issues. The moment this starts to happen, pay attention to it. It is easy to brush this off as a one-off event that you don’t have to worry about, but that is not accurate. Take action now to completely ensure that this never happens again.