Transmission Repair & Replacement

No matter who you are, you know if the transmission of your vehicle is out, it is not good news. You may need to get the transmission completely replaced, or you may need to look into a transmission repair at the very least. Therefore, you should try to figure out how much this might cost you and what your options are.

Here at TSC Ford Specialist in Parker, CO, we understand that getting a Ford transmission replacement is not on your list of things you would like to do today. However, we also know that we can make this process somewhat easier for you if you put your faith in us.

Our trained mechanics are happy to:

  • Produce a quote for you
  • Go over the various components of the work that they will have to do to get your transmission repaired or replaced
  • Show you how this compares to the cost that you would pay somewhere else
  • Help you understand your options and do our best to work with your budget

If you are stuck in a situation where you need to get your transmission repaired, you need to do something, or you won’t be able to use your vehicle at all.

Warning Signs That You May Need a Transmission Replacement

Your vehicle will try to warn you that it needs some repairs done before it gets too far down the road. You may notice the following signs that point to the fact that you may need a transmission replacement:

  • Gears slipping
  • Grinding or shaking
  • Check engine light comes on
  • A burning smell
  • Dragging clutch

If there is anything abnormal happening with your vehicle that you know is out of character for your vehicle, it is probably a sign that you need to bring it in to get checked out. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to get a full transmission replacement today, but it does mean that there is something that needs to be looked at by professional mechanics who can assist with this. Therefore, you may want to hurry up and get it done. Waiting any longer will only prolong the problem, and this may cause additional issues that lead to replacing the transmission even if you might not have needed to before. Do not take a chance on making things worse. Get in touch with us today to stem the issue.