Colin C. March 24, 2022

Colin C.

""I went to get my new (to me) Ford Expedition serviced and was very happy with the services performed. The 2003 Expedition has almost 200,000 on the clock and is now running just as good if not better then any new truck I drive. I won’t go anywhere else to have my Fords serviced they are a top notch shop that prides them self on the work they do as I said in my review I made a little over a year ago “they fix it right or not at all” do your self a favor fix it right it will save you big in the long run. They did my complete oil change and axel services in a matter of a few hours. They do it right they just don’t stick a tube in the axel and suck out the oil. Unlike those chains that way overcharge to have people that don’t know what they are doing to work on the second most expensive investment you will make. I’ll see Nick and Wayne in 3,500 miles when it’s time for my next motor oil change.""
William F. March 24, 2022

William F.

""Been on a road trip since May 10th. Went to start out today for home and there was no working display. Called Nick and he said bring it in. While diagnosing the problem he had Tim drive us to and from breakfast. No emplacement part is currently made and the existing unit would need to be sent out for repair with no guarantee that it would be successful. Additionally the time required was beyond our schedule. Based on Nick’s diagnosis we decided to drive without speedometer and gas gauge. Nick’s charge for the diagnosis and service was much less than expected and the service was outstanding. His understanding of our plight and willingness to assist us demonstrated an outstanding commitment to providing service beyond what could be reasonably expected.""